Buying a new tube of toothpaste can be a daunting task. With so many different formulas on the market, you may often find yourself standing in the drugstore helplessly trying to decide between an enticing vanilla-latte-flavoured variety and a tube

If flowers wilted every time you opened your mouth, the way it happens in cartoons, bad breath would be easy to detect. Unfortunately, real life isn’t that simple. So how do you know if what’s coming out of your mouth

Picture this: You’ve been asked to give a presentation at work. Even though you know your stuff, you’re worried because you hate public speaking. As the day of the presentation approaches, you have more and more trouble sleeping. Every morning

What you eat affects your blood pressure The last thing you’re probably thinking about as you dig into a delicious meal is how it will impact your blood vessels—but it’s an important consideration. More than 90 percent of us will

When we think about issues of health and prevention, often we don’t think of our teeth. But maintaining oral health is essential to averting trouble down the road: the prospect of icky-looking gums, losing teeth in midlife, chronic bad breath or