15 Scientifically Backed Yet Fun Facts About Flirting, That You Must Know

Why do people flirt? How and when do people engage in this social activity? Are there certain body language signs that convey the intentions? Well, these are just some of the questions which have been on the minds of social researchers when they studied flirting. Yes, there have been studies on the art of flirting and today we are going to talk about some intriguing facts which have come up in many of those studies. So, brace yourself to know more about the thing you enjoy doing, the facts may improve your chances of being successful in your attempts to happily flirt with the subject of your affection.

Attraction vs. attention

Contrary to what you may believe, the most attractive people aren’t the ones who get the most attention. Rather, it is the most effective flirters in general who receive the most attention. So, you know now, only good looks won’t take you further in the game of flirting, what will? Well, that’s the next point we are going to discuss.

Attraction vs. attention

Attitude is everything

Oh yes! That is what we were talking about when we said that good looks aren’t everything. According to some researchers, if a person wants to be a brilliant flirt, then they have to approach it like they are not going to fail in it at any cost. Flirting is all about the attitude you take to the person you want to flirt with.

Attitude is everything

The number of times you need to look before someone gets to know you are interested

You see, this is also kind of specific. Generally, you may have to look three times before anyone gets to know that you are trying to flirt with them. In fact, if you can hold your eye contact for more than three seconds, this will give them the hint that now you are ready to take things from just eye contact to physical contact of some sorts.

Girl drinks and smiling.jpg

Couples need to flirt as well

Most of the times, flirting is associated with single people more than the committed ones. But as it turns out, science says that couples should also know how to flirt.

In a 2012 study, Researcher Brandi Frisby from the University of Kentucky studied 164 married people and found that most of them flirted by whispering into their partner’s ear or by playing footsies. She also wrote that these methods were actually a means of maintaining and even emphasizing intimacy in the relationship as most married couples do this to create their special and private world with their spouse.

Saying something in ear

A certain lip-shade is better for women if they want to successfully flirt

According to researchers, a red-hued lipstick is much more likely to succeed in flirting. A Manchester University actually tracked the eye movements of men when looking at a woman and found that they looked at red lips for almost 7.3 seconds and pink lips were seen for 6.7 seconds.

lip-shade is better for women

Certain sitting positions are better

According to a study conducted at the University of Newcastle, men liked women who kept their heads angled forward and looked slightly upwards. This position makes women more ‘feminine’ and flirtatious according to men. While men tend to look more masculine when they tilted their head backwards and looked slightly down their nose.

Flirting couple

Flirtatious people tend to be healthier

Yes, you read that right! Studies have shown that people who flirt have a higher number of white blood cells, meaning that they have increased immunity and better health overall. One serious benefit there!

Flirtatious people tend to be healthier

How to have short or long term connections?

Yes, even this is possible with the way you flirt. According to a study done at the University of Kansas, people who adopt a playful and physical flirting tend to have shorter and casual connections, while if you tend to go polite, then chances are quite high that you may just attract a long-term partner.

Flirtatious people

Lips taking matter forward

You already know that a red colored lip shade can hold the attention of a man for a longer duration, and after this, it comes as no surprise that actually complimenting a woman on her lips takes the cake to be the world’s best pick-up lines, according to a survey.

Red colored lips

When the nose attracts

You may find it unusual, but certain unusual smells have the power to turn on men. The top smells in this category include baby lotion, fake tan and fried food. You can also go for sweeter smells such as lavender and that nice smelling lip-stick to make an impact.

When the nose attracts

Men tend to overestimate how interested women are

Evidently, many studies have proven that men are more likely to over-perceive an interest from women, and women are likely to under-perceive it. Meaning that men may think women are into them when they are not, while the women do not think that men are into them when they actually are.

Flirting girl

The Number game

According to a survey conducted by flirtomatic.co.uk, 63% of the people flirt almost 5 times a day. Interestingly, one in five also said that they actually flirt so many times that they have lost count.

Dating with girl

Eye contact matters

When you look into someone’s eyes, without creeping them out obviously, you can succeed in getting a favorable response. Researchers paired around 48 pairs of male-female undergrads who were previously unacquainted and made them do some tasks for two minutes each. It was found that when they were gazing into each other’s eyes, they felt more affection than they felt while doing the other tasks.

Eye contact matters

But, beware of too much of it though!

This is where you need to create a balance! The Social Issues Research Centre says that maintaining too much eye contact is the most common mistake that people make when they are in a flirting situation. So, you need to see how much you see!

Eye contact in relationships

Mimicry is a good sign

Not in a funny, rude way though! What we mean is that when people are attracted to you, they will tend to mimic your acts. For example, you can try to give a little scratch on your hand and see whether they do it or not. If the person sitting in front of you, do things slightly similar to you, it means that they are subconsciously getting in sync with you, which is certainly a very good sign.

Mimicry in relationship

We hope these fun facts will help you in your future endeavors whenever you decide to flirt again. As you all know, knowledge is always powerful and this type of knowledge can give you more than just power, it can also give you a partner. So, you are only going to win is all we would like to say.

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